Is BlueMail Safe? – BlueMail Security

BlueMail Security

Certainly! BlueMail takes great strides to ensure that your email accounts are completely secure using multiple industry leading encryption and security standards in addition to various Privacy and Security features built right into the app.

  • BlueMail uses TLS/SSL encryption standards that protect your private information and keep BlueMail safe.
  • OAuth 2.0 is used by BlueMail when adding accounts from providers like Google, Office365, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL where instead of your password we are given a token that you can control and revoke at any time.
  • We have a secure Lock Screen feature built into the app that keeps away preying eyes from your private email accounts. You can choose to have the lock screen display immediately after opening, or after a few minutes and enable it with either a Passcode or Fingerprint.

Using BlueMail, you can be rest assured that BlueMail keeps you protected.

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