Why I Started Using BlueMail

I have been an Apple fan since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. You know the one. Silver, quite heavy, an antique nowadays seen in some museums. But It wasn’t until I was forced by my company’s IT department a few months ago that I had ever used an Android device.

Having used iOS devices for the better part of 10+ years, I couldn’t just dump my iCloud email account. It had become something I had grown attached to. There was a problem though. Android does not like to play well with Apple anything, much less an iCloud email. So I began hunting for a solution.

App after app would either refuse to connect, require complicated setups, or lock me out of my iCloud account. But then I came across an email app that has quite literally changed my perception of apps in general, BlueMail.

Not only did BlueMail sync my iCloud account quickly, I now have a ton of features that I never had before, that now, would be almost impossible to part with.

Perhaps my favorite and most often used so far are the Clusters. Other apps have tried this in the past, but what ends up happening is you lose the most critical part; The relevance. BlueMail clusters my emails in such a way that I can see what I need, when I need to and without having to spend time deciding right away if the email is important or not.

But Clusters are just the tip of the iceberg. BlueMail has so much more than just one or two cool time saving features. There are quite literally hundreds of useful to day to day emailing tools.

Group assignments didn’t die in high school. Unfortunately, they became much more prevalent and a concerted effort through college and even into my professional life. But the Group Mail features bring everyone to the table and help to better orchestrate the communication. A cleaner, more efficient Group conversation is exactly what my team needed in order to execute hard committals on time.

All in all, getting used to Android may take some time and inevitably, I am sure it will come to me. I don’t know with what devices my firm may use down the road, but what I do know is that BlueMail will always have a place in my arsenal.

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