BlueMail Security – Setting the Standard for a Mail App

BlueMail Security

Your BlueMail Security is very important to us. Making sure that your email remains secure and private is of the utmost priority to BlueMail.

The BlueMail team maintains the highest level of security possible for a ubiquitous email client that supports all known protocols and where applicable provides a direct and secure connection from the app to user’s email server for sending and receiving emails.

Highest Security Standards used in BlueMail

SSL, STARTTLS are encryption standards used by leaders in the security industry. BlueMail uses this security to secure your private information and make BlueMail Security top notch.

With the lock screen, you can make sure that your emails will remain safe even if you were to lose your device. Whether you choose to have the lock screen display immediately after opening, or after a few minutes BlueMail Security activates and protects your valuable information.

More BlueMail Security: Secure Data Backup and Desaster Recovery Tool

As part of BlueMail’s Security, it also features a Secure Data Backup and Desaster Recovery tool. With this tool you can securely backup your account configurations in case you lose or damage your device or just simply want to switch it out for another device.

See more about our Secure Solution for BlueMail.

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