RAM Cleaners – Cleanliness is Not Always Godliness

Myth or Miracle?

RAM cleaners. They proclaim to turn your Nokia 3310 into a Nexus 12 by simply downloading their application and let it “clean” your phone. I mean after all, if a phone is dirty, it can’t work correctly right? Well to answer this, we will use an analogy.

Let’s pretend your phone is a book store and most of the books are in boxes in the back room. When someone comes in asks for the latest Harry Potter book, Mr. CPU, the clerk, has to run into the back of the store, open the box, find the right book and bring it back to you.

Coming to a Store Near You!

Since the new Harry Potter book just came out, hundreds of people are going to the store and asking for a copy. So instead of running back to the storage room every time, Mr. CPU leaves a couple boxes of books on a shelf by the door. Someone will still walk in and occasionally ask for Homer’s The Odyssey and Mr. CPU will have to run in the back, but for the majority of the time, the book he needs is on a shelf by the door.

Mr. CPU knows what he is doing and has created a very efficient way of quickly giving people the books they want to read. He still has to run to the backroom occasionally, but the vast majority of the time he doesn’t have to work too hard. This allows him to sell even more books.

The Help

Now imagine the book store hires the bosses 14-year-old son, Timmy, to “help”.  Now Timmy wants to do a good job to impress his dad. He knows his dad likes things very clean so Timmy looks at the book shelf and takes all of the boxes of books back into the backroom.

Mr. CPU now has to run to the back room every time a group of teenage girls comes in to buy the new Harry Potter book. Mr. CPU brings out a new box every time because he knows he needs the books. However, every time he does, Timmy thinks Mr. CPU is just being messy and keeps bringing the boxes to the back.

Mr. CPU is getting exhausted running back and forth all day and dies of a heart attack during a rush of business.

Timmy is a RAM cleaner. Timmy is also an idiot. Don’t hire a Timmy.android-task-kill-709x381

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