Business Model Solution – BlueMail Plus

BlueMail Plus is the email tool for your business or corporation. Combined with a powerful management dashboard, the features you know and love are available for your business, corporation, or proprietorship no matter what your business model is.

Whether you would like to manage the family business model, a team of a few dozen or an entire corporation of hundreds and thousands, BlueMail Dashboard for managers is what your team needs to quickly and effortlessly handle your corporate email.

With BlueMail Plus’s Corporate Clusters found in the management dashboard, you can take control of how your business is branded and modify how avatars are displayed on devices all around the world. Reach out to users everywhere with your very own stylized cluster images and make strides with your business model.

Is security a major component of your business model? If so, from your corporate Dashboard, you can easily enforce lock screen and password policies for your employees as well as enforce password expirations.


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