Is BlueMail Safe? – BlueMail Security

BlueMail Security

Certainly! BlueMail takes great strides to ensure that your email accounts are completely secure using multiple industry leading encryption and security standards in addition to various Privacy and Security features built right into the app. BlueMail uses TLS/SSL encryption standards that protect your private information and keep BlueMail safe. OAuth 2.0 is used by BlueMail when adding accounts from providers like Google, Office365, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL where instead of your password we are given a token that you can control and revoke at any time. We have a secure Lock Screen…

BlueMail Calendar for Exchange

BlueMail Download

With BlueMail, you can make sure that your calendar, contacts, and emails are all perfectly synced with your Android or iOS device while using an Exchange account. Even if you currently do not use Exchange, BlueMail also works well with .ics file invites and can add them to your device’s calendar. This enables you to accept event invitations and add events to your planner all without ever leaving your email.

Business Model Solution – BlueMail Plus

BlueMail Plus is the email tool for your business or corporation. Combined with a powerful management dashboard, the features you know and love are available for your business, corporation, or proprietorship no matter what your business model is. Whether you would like to manage the family business model, a team of a few dozen or an entire corporation of hundreds and thousands, BlueMail Dashboard for managers is what your team needs to quickly and effortlessly handle your corporate email. With BlueMail Plus’s Corporate Clusters found in the management dashboard, you can take control…

BlueMail Privacy

BlueMail Privacy

BlueMail Privacy Policy Blue Mail is a mobile application and cloud service made with love by Blue Mail, Inc. (“Blue”,“Blue Mail”,“we” or “our”). Blue Mail helps you manage your email, and in order to provide you with that service, we need to collect, store, and in rare cases, share your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains how we do that. Terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meaning given them in our Terms of Service. Information Collection and Use When using Blue Mail, you agree to our collection,…

BlueMail Security – Setting the Standard for a Mail App

BlueMail Security

Your BlueMail Security is very important to us. Making sure that your email remains secure and private is of the utmost priority to BlueMail. The BlueMail team maintains the highest level of security possible for a ubiquitous email client that supports all known protocols and where applicable provides a direct and secure connection from the app to user’s email server for sending and receiving emails. Highest Security Standards used in BlueMail SSL, STARTTLS are encryption standards used by leaders in the security industry. BlueMail uses this security to secure your private information and…

Download BlueMail

BlueMail Download

Download BlueMail Today BlueMail is available for download to your Android or iOS device and is coming soon to your Windows or Mac desktop. Come see why millions of users everyday login to their email using BlueMail! BlueMail for Android BlueMail for Android is the best email app for your Android device and has an endless list of incredible features. Such as a beautiful UI, and an infinite amount of customization choices. With BlueMail for Android, we know you will fall in love with email all over again. Where Can I Download BlueMail…

BlueMail for Desktop


BlueMail for Windows PC, Mac and Linux BlueMail –  the favorite email client for millions of Android and iOS users, is available to download to your Windows desktop and BlueMail for Android and iOS changed how people manage their email on their mobile devices and is now bringing the same powerful features, immense customization possibilities, and user-friendly design to the desktop. BlueMail for Desktop is available for Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

BlueMail Calendar Sync

BlueMail Calendar

BlueMail Calendar Sync Simply make sure your Exchange account is added as ActiveSync to enjoy the seamless calendar, contact, and email integration from BlueMail. Whether it is an end of year meeting or a family member’s birthday, with BlueMail and Exchange ActiveSync, your calendar, contacts, and emails are synced automatically with your mobile device. BlueMail also integrates .ics file invites with your device’s calendar which enables you to accept event invitations and add events to your planner. Learn more about BlueMail’s calendar sync as well as check to make sure your account is added…

BlueMail for Mac


BlueMail for Mac The mobile email app that changed how millions of people work with their email, BlueMail, is now also on Mac. BlueMail for Macintosh comes packed with the features that we know and love in an email mobile app. With the power of the iMac BlueMail is sure to dazzle even more. Download the mac version – to see why BlueMail is revolutionizing the email experience.

Why I Started Using BlueMail

I have been an Apple fan since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. You know the one. Silver, quite heavy, an antique nowadays seen in some museums. But It wasn’t until I was forced by my company’s IT department a few months ago that I had ever used an Android device. Having used iOS devices for the better part of 10+ years, I couldn’t just dump my iCloud email account. It had become something I had grown attached to. There was a problem though. Android does not like…